Amazing Lights & Sounds Effects Yo-Yo

This Amazing Yo-Yo Has Built-In Flashing Lights And Amazing Sound Effects, Together With A Ball Bearing Gear System, Making This Yo-Yo Much Easier To Use, And Fantastic Fun !

Yo-Yo Size 6cm (Standard Yo-Yo Size)

“The Yo-FX has it all: explosive sounds, flickering lights as well as the ball-bearing clutch system, allowing easy 'sleeping' and auto rewinding (most of the time :-)....”

Price : 3.99


This Amazing Yo-FX Looks Even Better In The Dark !

Educational “Crystal Growing Science Kit”

Contains Everything You Need To Grow Your Very Own Crystals.

Each Kit Contains : Plastic Beaker, Crystal Powder Formula, Stirring Stick, Crystal Growing Base Stone & Easy To Follow Instructions.

Follow the easy to follow instructions, and watch as your very own crystals grow. Each kit grows either Amethyst Purple, Diamond White or Sapphire Blue crystals.

Box Size : 8cm x 8cm x 10cm                                  Price : 8.49


Bubbling Lava Kit

Make your very own fun bubbling Lava !

Each Kit Contains : Oil, Special Lava Tablets, Flask Volcano & Easy To Follow Instructions

More great educational fun.

Box Size : 13cm x 17cm x 6cm


Price : 5.90


Genuine Dinosaur Fossil Dig & Discover Excavation Kit

Have great fun excavating the genuine dinosaur fossils from within the sandstone rock specimen.

Each Kit Contains : Rock-like Sandstone specimen, Hammer, Chisel, Fine Brush, Storage Bag (to keep your fossils safe afterwards)

Hours of great educational fun.

Box Size (Large) : 24cm x 17cm x 5cm                          Price : 10.95


Box of 50 FUN SNAPS

Just plain old Retro fun :-)

Each Kit Contains : 50 Great Fun Snaps

Just throw these great fun snaps at the floor, wall, or any hard surface, to make a loud fun bang noise. Great fun for party bags, & pranking your friends ;-)

Box Size : 5.5cm x 4.5cm x 2cm

Price : 0.45 (You can add more boxes during checkout!)


* Excludes Akadama Bonsai Soil