Deluxe Venus Fly Trap Complete Growing Kit

Everything You Need To Grow The Worlds Most Famous CARNIVOROUS Plant

These insectivorous plants lure their prey using a sweet smelling nectar. When the insect touches one of the many trigger hairs located within the jaws of the trap, the trap snaps shut, trapping the victim. The plant then secretes an enzyme which essentially 'dissolves' the insect, turning it into a digestible dinner.

Each Kit Contains :

    Venus Fly Trap Seeds(Dionaea Muscipula), 3 Bio-Pots, Specially Formulated Compost, Mini Propagator Unit &  Easy To Follow Care Instructions

    Price : 8.99


Rare Dragons Blood (Dracaena Draco) Seeds

The Dragon's Blood Tree Is An Evergreen Palm, From The Canary Islands.  Only A Few Wild Examples Of This Tree Can Now Be Found, Adding To The  Mystical Shroud Which Surrounds The History Of These Trees. The Red  Dragons Blood Sap Is Very Sought After, And Is Still Used By Many  Cultures Around The World, Even Today.

The Dragon's Blood Tree Gets Its Name From Its Rich Red Sap, Which  Resembles Blood, and Was Believed To Harness Mystical  Powers.

A Very Rare & Sought After Seed Type

Each Pack Contains 5 Seeds (Minimum), Together With Full Sowing & Care Instructions.

Price : 1.99

Venus Fly Trap Seeds (Dionaea Muscipula)

If you just need want seeds, here they are.

Each Pack Contains :

    5 (Minimum) Venus Fly Trap Seeds, Full Sowing & Care Instructions

Price : 0.99

Purple Pitcher Plant Seeds (Sarracenia Purpurea)

Insects are attracted to the colourful leaf rosettes that imitate flowers. Red ‘veins’ lead downward and are baited with sweet smelling nectar. The insects fall into the pitcher, which contains a digestive enzyme that soon drowns & dissolves the victim.

Once inside, escape is almost impossible, due to short stiff hairs pointing downward. The inside of the pitchers are also very slippery.

Each Pack Contains :

    5 (Minimum) Purple Pitcher Plant Seeds, Full Sowing & Care Instructions

Price : 0.99

High Grade Carnivorous Plant Compost Mix

This Compost Is Specially Formulated For Carnivorous Plants. It Contains All The Necessary Ingredients To Give Your Seeds The Best Chance Of Successful Germination. Perfect for our Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher & Sundew Plant Seeds.

Each Pack Contains :

    200g of compost with usage Instructions

Price : 2.20

Mimosa Pudica (MOVING PLANT) Seeds

OK, its not actually carnivorous, but touch or blow on this amazing "Sensitive Plant" and watch as the leaves fold up in a most spectacular manner ! After a few minutes, watch again as the leaves open back up. It even curls up at night !

Easy to grow and amazing to watch. Children are fascinated by this ‘moving’ plant.

Each Pack Contains :

  • 5 (Minimum) Mimosa Pudica Plant Seeds, Full Sowing & Care Instructions

Price : 0.99


Have A Look At A Video Of This Amazing Plant In Action !


Genuine New Zealand Sphagnum Moss

This is genuine Sphagnum Moss imported from New Zealand. It has been cleaned, dried & compressed into ideal small blocks.  Once water is added, the blocks expand rapidly into moist light &  fluffy moss. Guaranteed seed free(Some cheaper moss can contain weed seed)

Sphagnum Moss has been shown to increase the depth of colour of Venus Fly Trap plants, making it an ideal alternative to carnivorous plant compost.

Great also for Cephalotus, Sundews, Butterworts, Bladderworts, Orchids, etc.


Blocks Are Supplied In Clear Plastic Resealable Bags, With Instructions.

  • Mixed With 0.4Ltr Of Water This Item Will Make Approx 1 Full Litre Of Moss

Price : 1.99


* Excludes Akadama Bonsai Soil